Training at Aihua

Shortly after their arrival in China, each of our new foreign teachers regardless of their teaching experience go through an introductory training period. This is for the duration of the first term of the year and is divided into two main parts. Before the term begins the teachers participate in a two week intensive training period and following that is a term training period of approximately 7-8 weeks spread throughout the term. The introductory training period is mandatory for all new foreign teachers to complete and not only helps to maintain Aihua’s teaching standard to the highest level possible but also ensures each of our new foreign teachers feels confident to teach any level at any center.

Aihua’s training managers have a wealth of experience in preparing new foreign teachers for their role at Aihua and are dedicated to their development for the duration of the foreign teacher’s time at the school. This means that even after the introductory training period’s completion they are always available to assist with any teaching related queries. The aim of our training program is to prepare our teachers for a real life classroom experience. Long term we believe it is important to invest in the development of our teachers classroom skills so that they continue to thrive personally and also continue to challenge their students by creating an exciting learning environment.

/Aoife O’Donnell, Training Manager