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Teaching English in China is an unforgettable experience if you join the right school who can support and inspire you. Aihua English is an English school dedicated to creating a fun learning environment for its students. Since 2002, our passion has been not only to nurture talented young children in the local community, but to also create a safe and positive working environment for aspiring teachers wanting to experience an exciting new world.

When Dr. David Cotter came to China from Ireland in 2002, he discovered an exciting place that was almost like another planet. There were many English language schools, but very few with foreign teachers. The few teachers he did meet were unhappy with their jobs and felt lied to by their employers. They were on the wrong visa and working excessive hours for low wages.

So here was the vision:

• Build a successful school committed to improving the reputation of the English learning profession.
• Create opportunities for foreign teachers to discover Beijing safely and legally.

16 years later, Aihua has improved the English ability of thousands of students and has hired hundreds of talented individuals to teach English in China legitimately while learning to become a first rate teacher.

At Aihua, we don’t see education as the filling of a bucket, but instead as the lighting of a fire. Our students don’t learn English in order to just pass examinations, but instead to communicate in a friendly and interesting way.

Teaching English in China will be one of the best things you will ever do but you will still have challenging days. We have both foreign and Chinese management and operate with an open door policy where staff can easily communicate with us if they have any questions or suggestions.

Transparency is important to us as we know this helps new candidates research our school and see what it’s like to live in Beijing. Feel free to read our foreign teacher blog posts to follow how others found their experience teaching English in China with Aihua English.

If you think you could be the next great Aihua teacher, please contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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We are now hiring foreign teachers for the spring term 2022!

Contact us to take the first step on an amazing adventure, and a rewarding career.

Teach English in China with Aihua – Latest Blog Posts


Aihua Backpack Projects, by Janus

At Aihua, teachers enjoy learning from their students as much as they enjoy teaching them, and every so often we get the chance to be creative and do an artsy project in class to show off our skills along with our students. Although not the only books and course taught at Aihua, the Backpack course […]


Living in Beijing, by Anthony Ryan

When I first came to Beijing, I expected to find a city packed with people and chocking on the pollutant fumes of its own success; in fact when I think of it like this I wonder why I came at all. However coming here has opened my eyes to the wonders of Chinese culture and […]


Pre-Beijing Fears, by Emma Moran

Moving to Beijing was a huge deal for me. Just out of university, a very socially awkward person and not the slightest clue what I was getting myself into. Three months later, here I am loving life in Beijing. I had so many worries before coming over, what will the food be like, how difficult […]


Arriving in Beijing, by Trish Flahive

So you have packed your bags and boarded the flight. You are happy that the suitcase full of headache tablets and cold medicine seemed to slip by unnoticed. Relieved that you are no longer a walking pharmacy and comforted in the knowledge that the Beijing winter can do its worst. You have enough cold and […]


Introductory Training, by Laura Colburn

Aihua English School offers a two week training course before your first term and there are a lot of great things about this course. First of all, the course is 3-6 hours a day four days a week for two weeks. It goes over every topic you might have questions on about Aihua and their […]


Aihua’s Great Wall Expedition, by Janus

In early October a large group of Aihua teachers not only visited and climbed – but camped and slept on top one of the most amazing wonders of the world: The Great Wall. Known for its architectural grandeur and historical significance, visiting the Great Wall is a surreal, breathtaking once-in-a-lifetime experience – never mind spending […]


Cara on Cookery

Here is an amazing cookery blog by one of our teachers, Cara. Check it out if you were wondering what it’s like to live in Beijing and cook at home. She gets a lot of her ingredients from the local markets and makes some wonderful food! http://grubactually.wordpress.com/


Aihua in China’s Technology Hub, by Janus

  With a few thousand students enrolled at its centres and through its offsite programs, Aihua is a recognizable and well established academy with branches all over Beijing. Truly a force to be reckoned with! Working at Aihua gives you the opportunity to get to know and experience Beijing as you travel between centres before […]


Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, by Janus

  Having been here for just over a month, Aihua’s new Autumn intake teachers are already settled in and adopting to life in Beijing. With everybody moved into their new apartments and sorted when it comes to their teaching schedules and classes, there’s much to look forward to during the next year. Speaking as a […]


The Aihua Cup of Nations, by Liam Cunningham

There comes a point when using a rolled up pair of socks as a makeshift football, and telling your girlfriend that the curtains are the goal and she’s Joe Hart, just doesn’t cut it anymore. It was fun for a while but the magic had gone. I needed more of a challenge. She knew it. […]


Rock Climbing in Beijing, by Rob Warman

Recently a few teachers and I decided to get into rock climbing. We discovered there were a few different places to have a go around Beijing. The first place we visited was in a park near the Chinese Business District. We arrived to find a large wall with many Chinese children using it. I still […]


Beijing vs Shanghai Football Night, by Emmet Gates

Last Sunday most of the teachers at Aihua went to their first ever Chinese Super League game at the Workers’ Stadium. There was a good 15 strong crowd of us, eagerly hoping we would all get tickets. Before the game I did some research and saw that the stadium has a capacity of 66,000 and […]


Our Beijing Punk Band, by Rob Warman

I have always been into music. Back home I frequently did gigs on my own with my acoustic guitar as well as wrote my own songs. When I first came to Beijing I was able to continue this in a lot of the local bars and venues. It is great that in Beijing, there are […]


Hiking Badachu, by Tyler Feucht

Hiking Badachu was an early goal of mine when I arrived in Beijing in early August 2011. Looking outside my balcony window every morning, I’m reminded of the mountains that surround Beijing and their mystical beauty. China’s history is so vast I often wonder what might have occurred in these mountains long ago. The morning […]


Zhongguancun Staff Activity, by Rosemary Garfitt

The Chinese QingMing festival, Tomb Sweeping Day, usually falls about a week before our Easter. In any normal week at Aihua it’s hard to find a day when everyone is free, as our day’s off are all different, but around public holidays everyone’s week is rescheduled to give everyone the same days free, so at […]


Sculpture Park Activity, by Mike Lamariana

Aihua held an Easter activity for our students at Bajiao Sculpture Park. One of my classes was chosen to take part in this activity. This event included teaching the students about certain fun activities that may take place during Easter. We colored eggs with markers and also made unique designs on them. We also had […]


Skateboarding in Beijing, by Paul Clarkin

Skateboarding in China is very different than in Ireland, mainly due to the fact that where I come from skate boarding is new and different. Hence, due to this fact, some people can be quite abrasive towards it, seeing it as a pastime for troublemakers rather than an actual sport. However, upon coming to Beijing, […]

A 2007 Aihua Video

Sorry to people in China.  This is a youtube video and I no longer have the original.

Teaching English in China is an unforgettable experience if you join the right school who can support and inspire you.
Competative salary and new adventures await you at Aihua English in Beijing.