Teach English in China with Aihua International Education

Teaching English in China is an unforgettable experience if you join the right school who can support and inspire you. Aihua English is an English school dedicated to creating a fun learning environment for its students. Since 2002, our passion has been not only to nurture talented young children in the local community, but to also create a safe and positive working environment for aspiring teachers wanting to experience an exciting new world.

When Dr. David Cotter came to China from Ireland in 2002, he discovered an exciting place that was almost like another planet. There were many English language schools, but very few with foreign teachers. The few teachers he did meet were unhappy with their jobs and felt lied to by their employers. They were on the wrong visa and working excessive hours for low wages.

So here was the vision:

• Build a successful school committed to improving the reputation of the English learning profession.
• Create opportunities for foreign teachers to discover Beijing safely and legally.

16 years later, Aihua has improved the English ability of thousands of students and has hired hundreds of talented individuals to teach English in China legitimately while learning to become a first rate teacher.

At Aihua, we don’t see education as the filling of a bucket, but instead as the lighting of a fire. Our students don’t learn English in order to just pass examinations, but instead to communicate in a friendly and interesting way.

Teaching English in China will be one of the best things you will ever do but you will still have challenging days. We have both foreign and Chinese management and operate with an open door policy where staff can easily communicate with us if they have any questions or suggestions.

Transparency is important to us as we know this helps new candidates research our school and see what it’s like to live in Beijing. Feel free to read our foreign teacher blog posts to follow how others found their experience teaching English in China with Aihua English.

If you think you could be the next great Aihua teacher, please contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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We are now hiring foreign teachers for the spring term 2022!

Contact us to take the first step on an amazing adventure, and a rewarding career.

Teach English in China with Aihua – Latest Blog Posts

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How to Cross a Beijing Street, by Nicholas Flesch

Crossing the street in Beijing can be challenging for a traveler coming from the Western world. Such a traveler may make the simple mistake of assuming that because an intersection looks little different from an intersection back home that the traffic will also behave as it does back home. This is certainly not the case. […]

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I Like Chinese Food, by Weston Dean

When I talk to my friends and family from back home, I often get asked the same question. “Don’t you get tired of eating Chinese food?” After all, how many times can someone eat fried rice and chow mien before it gets boring? It might be easy to think this way when every airport and […]

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Food in China by Chris Taylor

Before you come to China, it’s hard to know what kind of food to expect. The first thing you realize when you arrive is that it’s nothing like the Chinese food you get at home and that it’s much, much better! There are a vast number of Chinese dishes and types of cuisine to try […]

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Health and Fitness in Beijing, by Evan Noonan

Hey, my name is Evan and I hail from Galway, Ireland. I have been living and working in Beijing for the past ten months, and have been thoroughly enjoying my experience here. Before making the move to the Big Smoke, I had my worries as everyone does, about how different life would be compared to […]

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Being in Beijing, by Helene Ramage

If you are thinking of getting out of your comfort zone, Beijing is it! This experience is challenging me in every possible way in becoming the person I was meant to be. I’ve been in Beijing, China since February 2015. Up to now, it has been a rollercoaster ride – which makes for a fun […]

Helen Williamson Blog

Running in Beijing, by Helen Williamson

I arrived in China in August 2014. I have always enjoyed running and wanted to continue this pursuit in China. Of course, air pollution is a very real problem but there are many apps that you can get on your smart phone to tell you how high the PM2.5 is. On the days when it […]

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Dirty Old Town, by Tom Collier

I should probably start this piece by admitting I’m a big fan of the Pogues and that one of their most famous songs is also one of my favorites: Dirty Old Town. It was written about a Northern English city called Salford, not far from where I was born and a place where I lived […]

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Teaching in Beijing, by Claire Conaghan

After living and teaching English in Spain for a year, I was looking for a change. Luckily, a friend of mine who was looking for a job at home found a link to a teaching job in Beijing and before I knew it I had applied and had an interview with Aihua. After speaking with […]

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Message in a Bottle, by Max Brown

Hi! My name is Max, I’ve been working for Aihua since August 2014. This post is about a message in bottle that travelled from China to the UK, but probably not in the way that you think… I was teaching a story called ‘Message in a Bottle’ and I thought a nice activity to finish […]

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Brewing Beer in Beijing, by Anthony Ryan

Moving to Beijing is a daunting task for anybody, there are any number of small anxieties which can cause you to pause and consider the magnitude of the move you’re making. One such thought that I had, was the worry that in Beijing it would be more difficult, in fact almost impossible to continue my […]

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Being a Vegetarian in Beijing, by Hannah Armstrong

Hey! My name is Hannah, I’ve been working for Aihua since August 2014. I have been a vegetarian for over 10 years and I’ll admit one of my main concerns about moving to China was if I was going to be able to find anything to eat, and it was the questions I was most […]


Living and Working in Beijing, by Fiona Sheils

Since arriving in Beijing one cold, blustering night three months ago, I have seen temperatures pick up, cherry trees blossom and old men roll up their shirts – embracing the age-old ‘Beijing Bikini’ look. I have admired Empress Cixi’s birthday gift collection at the Summer Palace, revered in the smoky incense of the Lama temple, […]

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Living and Teaching in Beijing, by Howard Johnson

I have been living in Beijing for coming up to five months now, and I am thoroughly enjoying the experience. I feel that I have barely scraped the tip of the iceberg of what Beijing has to offer. The city is dynamic and there is a great deal of variety here, and it caters to […]


Learning Chinese in Beijing, by Andrea McMullen

  Hi there! My name is Andrea, but most people know me by Andi. In college, I studied International Business with an emphasis on doing business in Greater China, but my love for China started long before my degree. My dad has been coming back and forth from China on business for over 25 years, […]

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Playing Guitar in Beijing, by Nicky Millar

  Hi there! I’m Nicky. I have been working for Aihua since August 2014. Before coming to Beijing I would have played a few open mikes and such around Belfast but it was rather limited. Coming to Beijing I found that it was possible to see and play live music almost every night of the […]


Aihua’s 2014 Annual Dinner, by Rob Warman

Aihua held its annual dinner on Tuesday the 18th of February to celebrate the New Year and welcome the new staff into its family. The dinner was held at the Dayali Hotel close to the Pingguoyuan Subway Station in Shijingshan. The food was delicious and everyone had a great time mingling and getting to know […]

Teaching English in China is an unforgettable experience if you join the right school who can support and inspire you.
Competative salary and new adventures await you at Aihua English in Beijing.