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Teaching English in China is an unforgettable experience if you join the right school who can support and inspire you. Aihua English is an English school dedicated to creating a fun learning environment for its students. Since 2002, our passion has been not only to nurture talented young children in the local community, but to also create a safe and positive working environment for aspiring teachers wanting to experience an exciting new world.

When Dr. David Cotter came to China from Ireland in 2002, he discovered an exciting place that was almost like another planet. There were many English language schools, but very few with foreign teachers. The few teachers he did meet were unhappy with their jobs and felt lied to by their employers. They were on the wrong visa and working excessive hours for low wages.

So here was the vision:

• Build a successful school committed to improving the reputation of the English learning profession.
• Create opportunities for foreign teachers to discover Beijing safely and legally.

16 years later, Aihua has improved the English ability of thousands of students and has hired hundreds of talented individuals to teach English in China legitimately while learning to become a first rate teacher.

At Aihua, we don’t see education as the filling of a bucket, but instead as the lighting of a fire. Our students don’t learn English in order to just pass examinations, but instead to communicate in a friendly and interesting way.

Teaching English in China will be one of the best things you will ever do but you will still have challenging days. We have both foreign and Chinese management and operate with an open door policy where staff can easily communicate with us if they have any questions or suggestions.

Transparency is important to us as we know this helps new candidates research our school and see what it’s like to live in Beijing. Feel free to read our foreign teacher blog posts to follow how others found their experience teaching English in China with Aihua English.

If you think you could be the next great Aihua teacher, please contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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We are now hiring foreign teachers for the spring term 2022!

Contact us to take the first step on an amazing adventure, and a rewarding career.

Teach English in China with Aihua – Latest Blog Posts


Message from the Director

When I was a young man, in the time between completing my undergraduate and beginning my masters degree, and again in the time between completing my masters degree and beginning my doctorate, I took time off to work, to get out of the library and to see what the world was like. During both of […]


The Aihua Boxing Club, by Rob Warman

  I came to Beijing to work for Aihua last September. It is very easy to be kept busy here, whether it be work or just interesting things to do around Beijing. I have defiantly missed a few things from back home however. The first, friends and family. The second, roast dinners. The third, boxing. […]


Climbing Xiang Shan, by James Benson

The day started with an early alarm, and when I woke up I was relieved to see the sun was shining and it was going to be a nice day to be outside. At 7am we left the apartment and went down to meet some Aihua colleagues at the bus stop to travel to the […]

2012 ten year party

Aihua’s 10 Year Anniversary Party

These photos are from a party we had to celebrate 10 years since the school was founded. Many teachers gave perfromances while the rest of us enjoyed the great food and drink:-)


Spring 2013 Activities

  Aihua teachers went on a series of spring activities last spring. Activities included, climbing a mountain, a trip to the desert, and Easter games for children in a local park.

Teaching English in China is an unforgettable experience if you join the right school who can support and inspire you.
Competative salary and new adventures await you at Aihua English in Beijing.