Welcome to our website!

Aihua has two meanings for us.  Ai, 爱, means love, and it also is the first character in Ireland, 爱尔兰.   华,means culture, and in particular Chinese culture.  Aihua, 爱华, means ‘Ireland-China,’ and it also means ‘love China.’

At Aihua English, we teach Beijing children between the ages of 3 and 12 years old. Our programs run after school hours; that is to say late afternoons and early evenings on weekdays, and all days on weekends.

We have a Chinese website which caters to our students and their parents, but our English website serves the dual purpose of providing potential new foreign teachers with an idea of what life is like at Aihua, and chronicling the life of our school for our students and our staff.  By saving memories of all the excellent people who have worked here, we hope to thank them for having made Aihua a special place. We are always aware that Aihua is the culmination of the efforts of the people who have worked together here. A vibrant hybrid culture has been transmitted down through the generations of our staff, and been developed in turn by new members of staff. Our teachers learn from Aihua, and Aihua in turn learns from its teachers.

Aihua Foreign Languages Academy was founded on January 2nd, 2002, by Dr David Cotter, Ms Chen Xi, and Swan Training Institute, Dublin. On April 25, 2002, we received licensing to teach English in Shijingshan from the Shijingshan Education Committee. On the 10th of May, 2002, we opened our first classes. On the 1st of September, 2003, we received licensing to hire foreign teachers from the Beijing Education Committee and the Beijing Foreign Affairs Office. We started operations in ZhongChuDasha building, next to the north exit of Bajiao subway station. In 2004 we moved to Gucheng Nanli. In March 2009, we opened a second centre in Changyin Building, Haidian district, Beijing. In September 2010, we opened another centre in the Zhongguancun district of Beijing. In 2012 and 2013, we opened 4 more centres, 3 in Shijingshan, and 1 in Haidian.

From 2003 – 2007, we ran a teacher training program for all public school teachers of Daxing District, Beijing. In 2014 and 2015, we have run a teacher training program for all public school teachers in Shijingshan District.

From 2002 – 2012 we ran an annual English competition for the students in our district. These competitions each had between 2 and 3 thousand contestants.

In 2006 – 7, and 2010 – 12 we sent small groups of our students to summer camp in Ireland.  In 2013 we sent groups of our students for summer camp in 4 European countries. In 2014, we sent students to summer camp in America.

In 2012, we had 500 guests at our ten year anniversary, including the Irish Ambassador to China, the previous Singaporean Ambassador to Ireland, the Chinese Education Celtic PigCommissioner, the Chinese Education Inspector, the Chinese Education Department’s Director of Foreign Affairs, the Chinese Committee Chairman for Private Education, and various officials from Beijing and Shijingshan level government, as well as the China representatives of Pearson Longman and MacMillan publishing houses..