Why choose Aihua, by Abigail Scott

Essentially, when you apply for any teaching position in China, they all offer our basic needs, ‘free accommodation, health insurance, flight reimbursement, bonus completion and training.’ All of this is amazing to have if you are moving across the country to start a new life away from everything you know. All of this to have immediately to start off really does make the move sound that much more appealing.

But, what Aihua gives you that a lot of other teaching institutions might not, is an instant community of people from all over the world in the same situation as you, living in close proximity to you. I will be with Aihua for 2 years come 2020 and I am still very good friends with the people I arrived with. These same people met other people who know other people who I have met and somehow in this big city, we have all managed to become friends and have made Beijing seem not so huge and scary after all. Like any other job, you have two days off, some might get two consecutive days and others like me, have a Sunday and Wednesday off. I was asked if I would like these to change but I chose not to. I have been able to travel to other places within China, make one of my days my rest day and the other for exploring what Beijing has to offer. Best of all, going to work does not need to start at 8am, you can enjoy sleeping in and head off to work in the afternoon until the evening, and because your next day of work only starts in the afternoon, meeting up with your friends once work is done is always a possibility. Amazing right?

That’s not the best part… Aihua also gives you two amazing ladies who offer you the support that you didn’t know you would need. You communicate with them once you start applying and finally get to meet them on your first day. They sort your cellphone and banking out, then they let you know that you can reach them if there are any issues. Once there is an issue you have no idea how to solve and you send your first “Tina or Summer message’ you will soon realize that they have answers and solutions for any problem you are faced with. I literally call them my ‘mothers from another country’ and simply can’t imagine my life here without them. Support is something every company offers but it’s not a guarantee. I am honestly telling you that Aihua gives you the best support there is, they support you as if you are family and soon, that’s what Aihua becomes to you. With this, I feel safe and because of them I feel at home.

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