Sports in Beijing, by John Iuga

Feeling a bit frumpy? The Christmas turkey got you wondering why your jeans don’t fit anymore? Adamant that your scales are broken? No one’s judging you…too much. I mean we’ve all done it, a little more pudding, just one more plate of potatoes, just three more slices of cake… but now you’ve over done it and it’s time to get yourself back in shape for the new year (because you’ve made another resolution you’re going to fail). In Beijing that is all to easy to achieve. With incredibly cheap and delicious food available everywhere, it’s harder to go healthy than most places, but thankfully there are plenty of things and places you can go to stop those dumplings from forcing you to buy a bigger pair of pants.

Luckily, Beijing is a good destination for sports lovers alike. Basketball, Football (soccer for you North Americans), Badminton and Ping-Pong are all very popular sports and thanks to a very health conscious society, gyms are very popular and available pretty much everywhere, from the cheap to the incredibly modern. The local university has a campus where anyone can turn up and play basketball, football or go running at the track. On the other hand, if you’re searching for something a bit more serious, then maybe consider joining one of the better organized football teams in Beijing. Anyone can join, from a variety of skill levels – each team having an A and a B team.

For those of you who aren’t into something so energy intensive, but still looking for something to keep the calories at bay (or Insta pics to prove you worked-out) then hiking might be a bit more suitable. Beijing is a great location for hikers as the Great Wall can be easily reached for a one day excursion or even for a weekend trip. Aside from this there are many more beautiful landscapes to explore, such as Huairou town, the glass bridge, and also Tongzhou has a few great areas to visit (all of these are within reach of Beijing).

Still not enough to quench your thirst for swollenness? Still need another medium to pray to the gods of gains? Well luckily there’s a plethora of gain temples on almost every street corner. They range from the cheap to the very excessive and expensive. The cheapest gyms towards the centre of Beijing will cost you around 1800RMB for a full membership (there are rarely any monthly memberships) whereas the more expensive gyms can cost you more than 10,000RMB for just a year. The more expensive gyms come fit with Tron spin classes, hot yoga, swimming pools, extensive gym equipment and a menu of young and fit trainers to push you to your limits.

If you’re thinking of coming to Beijing and you’re worried about keeping your amazing physique, then you’re in a good place. There are plenty of clubs and groups to join and make local and international friends.
Either that, or eat less.

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