Training at Aihua, by David Barry

Once all the administrative stuff is sorted out in the first couple of days after landing you begin Introductory Training. Aihua English provides a two-week training course before you begin working and I must say it was very beneficial in many ways. The wonderful trainers provide information on every possible question you could have about working at Aihua. Some topics include information on all the various course materials, classroom management, working with the Chinese teachers, lesson planning, and more.

The training isn’t how you might imagine. It doesn’t involve sitting in a room for 6 or 7 hrs a day listening to theory. It’s a lot more hands on and active which is the basis of the teaching style at Aihua. Aihua’s teaching style is based on learning through having fun. During the training you will find yourself representing the ‘kid’ in the classroom while one of the trainers carries out a demo lesson. You do so many group activities like this throughout training along with brainstorming, group discussions, etc. One thing I found very helpful from participating in the demo games was that they became the ‘go to games’ for my first days of teaching in the classroom. Another massive benefit of this two-week training period is the time you spend with your co-workers who are in the same daunting position as you. This time is spent acclimatizing to your new life in China, your new job but also building valuable new relationships and making new friends. The training acts almost like an ice breaker in a sense and you’ll soon find yourself at ease amongst your new colleagues. Introductory Training ends with a couple of days spent working on your lesson plans for your first week of teaching with supervision from the trainers who are there to help you along the way.

Training doesn’t just end here. The training managers are always on hand to answer any questions you may have throughout your time at Aihua. Also, training is provided throughout the term to act as a refresher, introduce new information like issuing exams and also acts as a platform to pass on hints/tips to your colleagues.

A lot of English schools in China don’t provide this platform that Aihua provides nor the resources needed to make your life in the classroom as easy as possible. For me, someone with zero teaching experience, the training provided was hugely beneficial and was a big factor in me having a very happy first 2 months in China.

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