How to enjoy Nature in Beijing, by Beate Brunner

Beijing, the Capital of the People’s Republic of China. The world’s third most populated city, a city that never sleeps. The home to parts of one of the world’s greatest wonders, The Great Wall of China. A city that is famous for The Forbidden City, The Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven and many more. One may ask where nature can be found in a busy, world know city such as Beijing…

Not to worry, locals make an extreme effort to ensure that the concrete jungle is filled with the most beautiful trees, bushes and extraordinary flowers. Beijing is the place to be if you want to experience every season to their greatest extent. I’ve never had the privilege to enjoy the beauty of all the seasons. In Summer you’ll find that Beijing is a jungle full of grass green trees and bushes. Autumn is a masterpiece of yellow, orange and red leaves dancing in the wind. During Winter your heart is warmed by bare trees and snowflakes sparkling in the sunlight. Come Spring time and your favorite color will be pink. The rush and desire to see the cherry blossoms in Beijing is definitely an experience you’ll cherish forever.

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All this sounds like a dream, but how does one know where to go to enjoy this… All apartment buildings have parks and gardens surrounding them. So, it’s literally walking out of your door, opening your eyes and enjoying the pleasures that only nature can provide. Other than that, Beijing is filled with hundreds of parks and gardens. Our friends, such as TimeOutBeijing & theBeijinger (Free subscriptions accounts you can follow on WeChat) provide regular information on the best places to visit for all seasons and then of course season specific nature events.

Thirdly you can use your good old friend, Google. Or when you’re here, in China, you’ll find that Bing will be your new best friend. Simply type in what you’re looking for, and the internet will provide you with endless ideas and suggestions on what you can do. Reviews and directions can be found on several websites to guide your quest.

Lastly, you can ask the locals, your co-workers or experienced foreigners. We’re all happy to help. Chinese people in general are more than happy to help and give advice. Well and maybe they can even join you on your expedition to enjoy nature in Beijing. They do know all the local insides, that could possibly include good food and a free tour guide – what a deal. And then you’ll have someone to take pictures of you. And trust me, Chinese people take this job seriously. You’ll have your own photoshoot in front of the cherry blossoms. And of course, you’ll be the focus of the shoot, and not the natural wonder. But, let’s be honest we are wonders (especially in China). Being foreign is a super power. This just means that, there will be more memories of you captured and documented (from every angle, of course) – score!

So, don’t let the big city statistics fool you. Beijing is the place to experience nature. But sure, don’t take my word for, come and see for yourself. I bet you, you’ll have an endless list of outdoor activities to do. Game on!

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