Back to Teaching, by Wyatt Edwards

The last few days of Winter vacation could not have gone quick enough. The break was much needed, however the buzz and excitement to get back to teaching was overwhelming. The thought of seeing my students, fellow colleagues and new staff members was such a thrill.

The Welcome Back meeting, an occasion whereby all the staff members gather, was an awesome get-together that re-kindled friendships, ignited new ones and all-in-all was a successful day. I could see that others too were eager and charged up to get back into the swing of things and get their respective classes underway.

For the next couple of days, preparation for classes were taking place. Whether you were doing promotional work, which consisted of promoting Aihua English centers to schools around Beijing, or just general class prep, it was a busy time at Aihua. Work ethics were high and enthusiasm levels were through the roof. Once the preparation for classes came to an end, classes commenced. Let the teaching begin!

It was obvious that students were ecstatic to be back as their running footsteps echoed through the corridors as they hurriedly rushed into class. Lively as ever, both teachers and students got their classes underway. Students were really cheerful and upbeat about being back in the classroom where they can safely learn in a fun and entertaining environment. The first week flew by and everything was running like clock-work again.

The start of another successful term at Aihua has commenced, and back to teaching has never felt so great!

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