All the Help You’ll Need, by Jack Parker

When preparing to leave for China, thoughts about the teaching environment were constantly racing through my mind: “What if, I won’t be able to teach Chinese children?”; “What if the students are out of control?”; “What if, the class sizes are as profuse as the population in China?”; “What if…”

After arriving in Beijing, I was comforted when I was greeted by the teachers who would be assisting me. These are native Chinese teachers, ones that could communicate in Chinese as well as English. With their experience and translation skills, it’s made managing the classroom easier than I thought. Yes, it does help that the class sizes are much smaller than I originally thought. (My largest class size has ten children and my smallest has only four.) Still, to have someone in my class that can directly relate to the learners is by far the most useful tool I have, working at Aihua.

These Chinese Teachers are more than just helpers: they communicate to parents, regulate the classroom, and assist me when I don’t know what to do. They are such an integral part of Aihua, and yet they are sociable. The work environment is so pleasant with them around. Even if I have a question that is outside of work, they are quick to help me in anyway possible.

I owe a lot to the Chinese Teachers at Aihua, and I try my best to keep in close contact with them outside of work. Aihua is more than just a company, it’s a community of teachers that care about one another.

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