Food in Beijing, by Chanel Venter

Beijing is a beautiful city full of delicious local food secrets. In Shijingshan where I live there are a lot of small local cuisine restaurants walking distance away. Kung Pao chicken is one of my favourite dishes full of chicken, onion and a little bit of chillies to spice things up. Beijing is also very famous for their Peking Duck (I must admit I have not tried it myself, but I have heard that it is beyond exquisite). The best food is sold in small local restaurants and you can find them around every corner.

When I got to Beijing I tried to stay away from actual Chinese dishes. I proceeded to find places with western food. Yes, the western food is great here too, but I must admit now being here for a few months my view has changed. Why have western food when you can have Chinese cuisine?

It is easy to get ingredients here for cooking. Yes, it might be a little different to back home but, in the end, it is still easy. My housemate and I make a lot of curries and soups. She is vegetarian. In the beginning, it was quite a struggle for her to find vegetarian dishes but as time passed, we have realized that it is not that difficult to find vegetarian options and cook them too. There are fresh market shops all over Beijing with the best produce.

Please see attached photos of some of the best dishes I have had.

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