Living in Rongjingcheng, by Jan Lutter

Rongjingcheng is a take away from the rest of Beijing, so close to the main attractions of the Summer Palace and Tiananmen Square, but minus all the costs from staying near the inner city!

Everything that you may miss from home is right here, 10 minute bike ride away is the local mall Wanda Plaza with Carrefour, a French supermarket stocked full with a foreign section of goodies, Pizza Hut, Dominos, KFC, McDonald’s and a huge array of clothing stores in case you think the Chinese clothes sizes are too small for you.

For the local options, right underneath the apartment complexes that you will be staying in, there is a whole row of Chinese cuisine to try out. From vegan Mongolian dishes to a BBQ restaurant I would recommend trying them all out and finding your favourite. If you want to try you hand in cooking there is also a local supermarket 2 minutes away that is full of fresh meat, fruit and veggies that you can make into a local masterpiece.

For entertainment we are surrounded by some local gems only a maximum 10-minute taxi ride away from where you would live. One is the Bajiao Amusement Park, the name of the subway stop you would take to go into the city. It is a must see if you want to have a laugh at some of the Disney copy paste rides and scenes. The garden expo is a short bus ride away with its very own temple with commanding views of the area around us if you’re a natural born photographer. Lugu or Marco Polo bridge is not to far away either, I would recommend entering on the western side to walk over and enter the old fort on the eastern side.

A lot to see and do on this side of Beijing and if your willing to go out for a walk or a cycle you too can find your own gems of Beijing hidden on the western side of this amazing city!

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