Beijing is a Great Home Base!, by Nicholas Flesch

Nestled in the northeast of China is a quaint little known hamlet called Beijing. It has a charmingly small population of 22 million people. Yet this little destination is quickly growing in popularity, and for good reason: through a fantastically fortunate stroke of luck all railroads lead to Beijing. This fact, in turn, makes this relatively unknown village a great place to explore China from.

If you want to see the bustling international metropolis of Shanghai, then take the speed train for 6 hours and arrive in time for lunch. If you’re more in the mood to explore the tomb of China’s first and most eccentric emperor then take a 5 hour train ride to Xi’an and get your picture taken with some terracotta warriors. Perhaps you have a three day weekend and have always wanted to see North Korea but never wanted to step foot inside. Well, aren’t you in luck. Go on up to Dandong and you can remain safely in China sipping a coffee on the city’s waterfront while taking in the breath taking views of North Korea just across the river. Go see where the Great Wall meets the sea in Shanhai Guan, only 2.5 hours from Beijing, and take a walk on the beach while you’re there. Perhaps you’re feeling a bit blue and need a taste of home to pick up your spirits. The place to get a nice slice of home is Tian Jin, a mere 40 minutes outside of Beijing, where those rascally European colonists did up the down in their home country styles. It’s still like that today but with less imperialism!

So what are you waiting for? Come on over and live in Beijing for a nice quiet experience of China and Chinese culture. But remember, when you’re itching for an adventure it’s just a quick rail trip away.

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