Dogs in Beijing, by Skye Burns

When it comes to travelling here in Beijing China, keeping record of the experiences one has and the sights one sees can be of upmost importance. Everywhere we are encapsulated by cameras and moments being captured through cameras. I for one am a sucker for snapping pictures in general, but most of all; as many pooches and floofs as possible- and by that, I mean dogs.

Constantly walking and bustling past dogs in raincoats, shoes, boots, hats, illuminated collars etc can cause one to have your camera phone at-the-ready! Never in all my life have I felt completely surrounded by such cuteness and welfare towards domestication.

Living here in this society of pets is overwhelmingly exhilarating and aweing to experience. I have captured too many dogs and pups being walked by their proud owners- heads held high and all. There is a pride that these owners hold towards their pets and their grooming.

Lavish and silky coats of Huskies, Labradors and Poodles pave the paths of the city on a regular basis. It almost makes one want to join in and live alongside the many stories that lie beyond those beautiful puppy eyes…. the stories of everyday life.
On one of several occasions I have stopped owners and their dogs to capture the perfection, it has been delightful and hilarious. There is nothing quite like having the nuzzle of a husky pup in the palm of your hand, tail wagging and all. Trust me it can have the power to change your heart…

Speaking of domestication my housemate is currently looking after an adorable puppy [Sebastian] that was found randomly by one of my good friends. Obviously not wanting to leave this lonely soul out in the cold, he brought the pup inside the warmth of my and my housemate’s humble abode. He is currently living with us and we now come home to cuddles every day!

Amazingly there are many places here that foster animals and take care of the lost and homeless. They have support structures that make sure vaccinations are in place and tummies fed. It has given me such hope to experience this first hand and see the outcome of a loving, supportive and professional forum, especially one in particular called ‘A Voice for Animals’.

By support structure I also speak for the community as a pet loving system. The amount of gorgeously well-kept parks for children and animals makes one want to walk their pooches every day and have conversations with new people. On every sidewalk there are trees surrounded by square patches of lively green grass- for le pooches to sniff and do business. Parks can be found all over the area with jungle gyms, ledges and walkways to wonderlands of budding bushes and trees. The seasons themselves colour the playground with the leaves and petals that lay the ground with colour and character. Support structures based in online shopping have everything compatible for owning pets, from deliveries of pet food to pet sheets, indoor and outdoor compatibility, I could go on…

Moving on from that, there are also cafes and stores specially designed and made for animals where one can purchase outfits, gadgets and even have a cup of coffee alongside the purring of cats who call the cafés their fancy homes. There are cat cafes a ten minute bus ride away from where we live- isn’t it glorious?

To end off this short blog… the animals here have made China feel more and more like home. I look forward to the next pet owner and loving pooch I have the pleasure of meeting.

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