Chinese people, by Tom Bruce

Interactions with Chinese traveling or even living abroad can often be an unpleasant experience. Chinese tourists are increasingly notorious for their rude behavior and even outrageous actions when traveling. Those that have settled in cities from Sydney to Vancouver are often little better and are equally notorious for their rude behavior and extravagant displays of conspicuous consumption. The experience of living in Shijingshan contrasts sharply with this aforementioned behavioral notoriety and is continually and pleasantly surprising. The local population is exceedingly polite and a friendly smile or casual nod immediately turns a curious stare into a broad grin and reciprocated wave. Doors are constantly held open, a limited English vocabulary vigorously used at every opportunity, and an amused patience is exercised when attempting to order food or engage in any other routine seeming action. The kindness and desire of Shijingshan locals to help is overwhelming and humbling. It endears any visitor or resident to this small, almost quasi-village in the West of Beijing and permits the seamless feeling of both inhabiting a small community and one of the larger urban areas in East Asia.
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