Beijing Duck, by Campbell Wang

Beijing duck can be bought in most restaurants but it is worth paying that little bit more if you really want the best experience. I have tried the cheapest, which costs around £4 for roast duck on the bone. I have also bought duck for around £20 which is much better quality.

The cheapest has bones, the skin can be chewy and the meat is quite dry. The more expensive duck is finely sliced. The golden/brown skin is light and crispy. And the meat is tender, it tastes delicious and has no bones. This type can be wrapped up in pancakes brushed with a dark sweet sauce accompanied with stands of cucumber and onions.

One taxi man told me of his dislike for roast duck. He said it was often cold and unpalatable. Although it can be cold it tastes like heaven. In my opinion, it is one of the best things to eat in Beijing and is my personal favourite.

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