Easter in China, by Sorcha M. Smith

I’m not a very religious person and in the last few years (especially living in China) my sweet tooth has dwindled. At home, religious holidays were used more of an excuse to cook at dish and bring it to the rotating household that we used as a little family gathering. Our family has members worldwide so this is more precious to me than anything else. And as this is my second Easter in China, it was sorely missed.

Thankfully this year my parents and little sister were able to visit and were here for the Easter weekend. This made work a lot more fun as I brought my sister into the centre with me, she’s twelve, and basically used her as a prop in classes. Chinese people can be shocked and awed by seeing just a normal white westerner, just imagine their reactions to a mini white westerner… Priceless! A few girls in one particular class became extremely fond of her and she was dragged from one thing to another while they all practiced speaking English with her. The odd Chinese word was used as my sister had just done a Chinese language class with my tutor and wanted to do some practicing of her own!

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The remainder of the next two days were about the Easter activities and as most of my younger family members had grown out of playing games such as The Easter Egg Hunt, or the notorious Egg and Spoon Race, thankfully these guys hadn’t! Watching four year olds destroy each other to find the most eggs shouldn’t be as funny as it actually is and watching nine year olds try to outsmart their Chinese Teacher to win the egg and spoon race? Genius!

But there’s nothing quite as good as after days of exploring Beijing to areas such as: The Botanical Gardens, Badachu, 798 Art district, Summer Palace, Beijing Zoo, Forbidden City, the Great Wall, etc. to simply come home, put your feet up and be surprised with an Easter Bunny that your parents had wrapped in bubble wrap and brought across the world so that on Easter Day, you would have a little bit of home.

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