Teaching young kids in Beijing, by Francis Dorfling

When I think of these words “Teaching young kids in Beijing” it brings one word to mind JOY. This is something you need to experience for yourself to fully understand.

I’ve been teaching young kids in Beijing for one year now and it has been the best year of my life. For some young learners, you will be the first Foreigner they ever meet. They will be shy or the most energetic kid you have ever seen, but they will crawl their way into your heart. I have had my bad days in Beijing, but just hearing them call your name when they walk in the door makes it all fade away. These kids will love you in their own way and they will show it.

Come prepared with a list of English names that you like, but not too difficult. Why? In some classes, you will have new kids that do not have an English name, so parents will ask you to name them. You will also find a few strange names like “Starwars, Demo, Yoyo, Coco, Kitty, Tiger and different FRUIT.

It has been a challenge too don’t get me wrong. Most will have a low level of English so you will start from the basics…Hello. My name is ____, but when you get to the point where they can remember what they’ve learned and say it with so much confidence and the biggest smile on those little faces. You will feel that joy.

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