My best breakfast in Beijing, by Robert

I was in Beijing for a few months before I discovered the jianbing. It’s basically a pancake filled with sausage, onion, egg, and lettuce — a perfect breakfast, really. Well, you can get them in several varieties, but they all have this key ingredient in common: grease. Something about street food to note, that. You won’t find many nutritious things being rolled down an alley in a cart. More often than not, they are soaked in grease. The crunchy texture of the jianbing and the greasy coating is what really makes it great, though. Personally, I’m not in it for the health. If I see the grease glistening on the pancake in the hot sun, my arteries stiffen with excitement. Unfortunately, though, you can’t count on the same seller to be in the same place all the time. They pick up and move. So, if you have a craving, you have to just follow the meaty, semi-rancid smell down a few side streets and hope for the best.

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