The Aihua Boxing Club, by Rob Warman



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I came to Beijing to work for Aihua last September. It is very easy to be kept busy here, whether it be work or just interesting things to do around Beijing. I have defiantly missed a few things from back home however. The first, friends and family. The second, roast dinners. The third, boxing.

A little while back, David Cotter introduced me to a local boxing gym. I was amazed there was anything like this in the local area. There are many different normal gyms around here but nothing to really interest me like this. It couldn’t have come at a better time to be honest because the gradual weight had been piling on from all the Beijing beers and Chinese food!

So I started training. Firstly, with just David Cotter but over the weeks other teachers began to show their interest and joined us. The gym has several heavy bags, a speed ball, a sparring and shadow boxing area, and some free weights.
It’s been great training with different levels, sizes, and nationalities over the last few months. I think we have all learned a little from each other.

celtic-man-1_FotorWe have regular sparring sessions, fitness on the bags and pads, and we even do weight lifting on the days that we are too tired to box.

There are various Chinese fighters who train down there occasionally too. I have heard there are classes there in the evenings so I am considering going down with some of the other teachers to see how the Chinese boys do it. Wish us luck!





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