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Teaching English in China is an unforgettable experience if you join the right school who can support and inspire you. Aihua English is an English school dedicated to creating a fun learning environment for its students. Since 2002, our passion has been not only to nurture talented young children in the local community, but to also create a safe and positive working environment for aspiring teachers wanting to experience an exciting new world.

When Dr. David Cotter came to China from Ireland in 2002, he discovered an exciting place that was almost like another planet. There were many English language schools, but very few with foreign teachers. The few teachers he did meet were unhappy with their jobs and felt lied to by their employers. They were on the wrong visa and working excessive hours for low wages.

So here was the vision:

• Build a successful school committed to improving the reputation of the English learning profession.
• Create opportunities for foreign teachers to discover Beijing safely and legally.

16 years later, Aihua has improved the English ability of thousands of students and has hired hundreds of talented individuals to teach English in China legitimately while learning to become a first rate teacher.

At Aihua, we don’t see education as the filling of a bucket, but instead as the lighting of a fire. Our students don’t learn English in order to just pass examinations, but instead to communicate in a friendly and interesting way.

Teaching English in China will be one of the best things you will ever do but you will still have challenging days. We have both foreign and Chinese management and operate with an open door policy where staff can easily communicate with us if they have any questions or suggestions.

Transparency is important to us as we know this helps new candidates research our school and see what it’s like to live in Beijing. Feel free to read our foreign teacher blog posts to follow how others found their experience teaching English in China with Aihua English.

If you think you could be the next great Aihua teacher, please contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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We are now hiring foreign teachers for the spring term 2022!

Contact us to take the first step on an amazing adventure, and a rewarding career.

Teach English in China with Aihua – Latest Blog Posts


Teaching During the Pandemic, by Jan Lutter

When it first hit us that how we taught and interacted with students was changing online, it was defiantly daunting. How do you gain those connections with students? How do you provide for group and individual practice? How do you ensure a well conducted class? We were given plenty of time to prepare for the […]


When I decided to move to China, by Spencer Berning

When I decided to move to China, one of the most important aspects of this opportunity for me was the chance to learn Mandarin Chinese in Beijing. Previously, I had taken 2 semesters of Mandarin in college, but I didn’t have a chance to practice in the 3 months before I moved to China. After […]


Lockdown in Beijing – The before, during and after, by Jamie Yeung

It’s amazing how things change in a blink of an eye. Back when I first read about the virus in December, I remember I felt a sense of relief that Wuhan was so far from Beijing. I even sat around dinner with some friends laughing at how I wouldn’t be going to any city in […]

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Christmas with Aihua

Take a look at how Aihua´s foreign teachers celebrate Christmas in this short video.


Why choose Aihua, by Abigail Scott

Essentially, when you apply for any teaching position in China, they all offer our basic needs, ‘free accommodation, health insurance, flight reimbursement, bonus completion and training.’ All of this is amazing to have if you are moving across the country to start a new life away from everything you know. All of this to have […]


Aihua is My Home Away from Home, by Danielle Nortje

Aihua is more than just a training center where you work. I have found Aihua to be a second home, where I have friends, family and endless support. When I first arrived everyone was so friendly, welcoming and very helpful. The transition from South Africa to Beijing would not have been the same without the […]


Sports in Beijing, by John Iuga

Feeling a bit frumpy? The Christmas turkey got you wondering why your jeans don’t fit anymore? Adamant that your scales are broken? No one’s judging you…too much. I mean we’ve all done it, a little more pudding, just one more plate of potatoes, just three more slices of cake… but now you’ve over done it […]


Shopping in Beijing, by Reggie Greatbatch

So you have decided to move to a whole new country and, in that decision, have come to terms that you will face a whole new set of challenges that comes with adapting to a whole new culture and way of living. However, the beauty of living in somewhere like Beijing is that every little […]


The Great Wall of China, by Wyatt Edwards

One of the most visited sights in the world, and the icon of China. The Great Wall is absolutely unmissable if you’re in China. It’s the mother of all of China’s tourist attractions , and probably one of the coolest attractions in the world. We all heard about it at an early age and the […]


Renting Bikes in Beijing, by Spencer Berning

The first thing you may notice when you land in Beijing is just how much of everything there is. How many buildings there are. How many people there are. How many little convenience stores there are. To be sure, there is a lot of everything in China. One thing you’ll see a lot of are […]


Training at Aihua, by David Barry

Once all the administrative stuff is sorted out in the first couple of days after landing you begin Introductory Training. Aihua English provides a two-week training course before you begin working and I must say it was very beneficial in many ways. The wonderful trainers provide information on every possible question you could have about […]


A Week of Golden Opportunities, by Marcella Moorman

Golden week gave me my first opportunity to travel outside of Beijing. I had six days off, so I made plans to go camping at the Great Wall with other foreign teachers and explore Shanghai on my own. As it was a national holiday, most of China was on vacation too. Travel guides discourage people […]


Being a ‘Foreigner’, by John Iuga

Throw that word around in the west and you might get a few distasteful looks at best, at worst you might get someone telling you that you’re being rude and to not say such things (with a few expletives of course). But here in the middle kingdom, that’s what you are and whenever you think […]


Two Years Later…, by Aoife Quigley

When I decided to move to Beijing, I expected to do a year, maybe two and try my luck elsewhere. However, as year three unfolds, I’m beginning to see myself here for at least a few more years. I feel as though I’ve lived more in the last two years than I had in the […]


Fun in “the Shan” and beyond, by Jack Carter

To those thinking about moving to China for the first time, the idea of leaving everything you know is a daunting one to say the least. At home, we’re often living in a bubble without even knowing it. Being able to rely on a network of family and friends for support, or even just having […]


Teaching Young Learners, by Laura Einerson

Before arriving in Beijing, I rarely had encounters with children outside my own family. In terms of ESL teaching experience, I had only ever worked with adults, and even my TEFL training only briefly mentioned the difference between teaching young children and older children. The prospect of teaching children as young as 3 years old […]


Working with Young Chinese Kids, by Jenny Dewhirst

Before working at Aihua I didn’t have any real teaching experience with young kids. I’d taught adults and teenagers, but young kids were never really my area of expertise. At Aihua, foreign teachers can have classes of kids ranging from 3-13 years old, and I’ll admit when getting my schedule, I was silently praying to […]

Teaching English in China is an unforgettable experience if you join the right school who can support and inspire you.
Competative salary and new adventures await you at Aihua English in Beijing.