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Teaching English in China is an unforgettable experience if you join the right school who can support and inspire you. Aihua English is an English school dedicated to creating a fun learning environment for its students. Since 2002, our passion has been not only to nurture talented young children in the local community, but to also create a safe and positive working environment for aspiring teachers wanting to experience an exciting new world.

When Dr. David Cotter came to China from Ireland in 2002, he discovered an exciting place that was almost like another planet. There were many English language schools, but very few with foreign teachers. The few teachers he did meet were unhappy with their jobs and felt lied to by their employers. They were on the wrong visa and working excessive hours for low wages.

So here was the vision:

• Build a successful school committed to improving the reputation of the English learning profession.
• Create opportunities for foreign teachers to discover Beijing safely and legally.

16 years later, Aihua has improved the English ability of thousands of students and has hired hundreds of talented individuals to teach English in China legitimately while learning to become a first rate teacher.

At Aihua, we don’t see education as the filling of a bucket, but instead as the lighting of a fire. Our students don’t learn English in order to just pass examinations, but instead to communicate in a friendly and interesting way.

Teaching English in China will be one of the best things you will ever do but you will still have challenging days. We have both foreign and Chinese management and operate with an open door policy where staff can easily communicate with us if they have any questions or suggestions.

Transparency is important to us as we know this helps new candidates research our school and see what it’s like to live in Beijing. Feel free to read our foreign teacher blog posts to follow how others found their experience teaching English in China with Aihua English.

If you think you could be the next great Aihua teacher, please contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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We are now hiring foreign teachers for the spring term 2019!

Contact us to take the first step on an amazing adventure, and a rewarding career.

Teach English in China with Aihua – Latest Blog Posts


Living in “the Shan”, by Ismael Milligan

Shijingshan or as it’s affectionately known “the Shan”, is a district of Beijing in the West part of the city. To the West you can see the low mountains that overlook the city and to the East the bustling city of Beijing. If you have a northern view you can see the Ba Jiao amusement […]


Back to Teaching, by Wyatt Edwards

The last few days of Winter vacation could not have gone quick enough. The break was much needed, however the buzz and excitement to get back to teaching was overwhelming. The thought of seeing my students, fellow colleagues and new staff members was such a thrill. The Welcome Back meeting, an occasion whereby all the […]


Christmas in China, by Antoinette Schoeman

This year marks the fourth Christmas I’ve spent away from home, and my first in Beijing. I wasn’t expecting any kind of festive experience, so imagine my happy surprise when walking around in Wangfujing and Xidan, shops blaring Jingle Bells and Rudolph, some interesting Christmas trees all around, and a few really beautiful window displays. […]


Getting Around Beijing, by Eddie Ayala

Coming from a small town, moving to Beijing and being able to get around seemed very daunting to me. Luckily it wasn’t bad at all! Here are the 5 reasons why it’s great. 1. Ability to get anywhere. As you can see in the picture below there is a lot to see in Beijing but […]


WeChat Wallet, by Gregory McLaughlin

Or How I Learned to Love China and Truly Be a Lazy American. When you first get to Beijing, one of the field trips you go on is to set up your bank account. Right around that time, you will also be required to get yourself the WeChat app on your smartphone. At the time […]

Teach English in China - Welcome to your new home

Welcome to Your New Home!

Have a closer look at the school’s living arrangement in this video! The video introduces the arrival procedure as well as the apartment arrangement for the school’s foreign teachers.


Working with Chinese Colleagues, by Daniel Ritchey

The first time I stepped into the center at Zhongguancun, the first face I saw was that of Lydia. Having just been remodeled, our center was a whirlwind of construction dust and stacks of books and computers and furniture which needed to be dusted and moved back into the offices and classrooms. Lydia, all 121cm […]


Moving to Beijing, by Brennan Grocholski

Moving to Beijing was quite the change of scenery for me. Previously, everywhere I had lived were small communities so the transition from small town to one the world’s biggest cities was a big change. After arriving and getting situated by the amazing Aihua team, it was time to venture out into the vastness that […]


All the Help You’ll Need, by Jack Parker

When preparing to leave for China, thoughts about the teaching environment were constantly racing through my mind: “What if, I won’t be able to teach Chinese children?”; “What if the students are out of control?”; “What if, the class sizes are as profuse as the population in China?”; “What if…” After arriving in Beijing, I […]


Food in Beijing, by Chanel Venter

Beijing is a beautiful city full of delicious local food secrets. In Shijingshan where I live there are a lot of small local cuisine restaurants walking distance away. Kung Pao chicken is one of my favourite dishes full of chicken, onion and a little bit of chillies to spice things up. Beijing is also very […]


Living in Rongjingcheng, by Jan Lutter

Rongjingcheng is a take away from the rest of Beijing, so close to the main attractions of the Summer Palace and Tiananmen Square, but minus all the costs from staying near the inner city! Everything that you may miss from home is right here, 10 minute bike ride away is the local mall Wanda Plaza […]


I Found a New China, I Found a New Home, by Abigail Scott

I Found a New China (South African cockney rhyming slang word which means ‘good mate’ or ‘good friend’), I Found a New Home! If you’re anything like me, then teaching in China, or anywhere in the world that’s not ‘home,’ is what you need to do next. My move to China marks my first travel […]


Working with Children Every Day, by Emma O’Sullivan

Working with children every day is by no means a walk in the park, however, neither is a trudge through a fire swamp! It takes a lot of energy and enthusiasm but it can be really rewarding. When the kids react to your energy and start to get excited about learning and participating in class […]


Learning Chinese, by Rory Spittle

Learning Chinese in China is one of the most rewarding things that you can do. At first it seems impossible, incredibly difficult as you are obsessively comparing the language structure to English. Then something clicks. You forget about the constant comparisons as you are actively trying to engage in conversations with locals. There are laughs […]


Living in the “Shan”, by Victoria MacFarlane

What an incredible 7 months it’s been. Back home in England I had lived in a small village my whole life, which had its advantages in offering a quiet and scenic backdrop to my childhood, but the move to Beijing has been liberating and vastly different. Here in Beijing, I live in Shijingshan District (simplified […]


Golden Week, by John Iuga

Would you like a legally enforced week off from work? Then come and work in China during the the National Day Holiday. October 1st is the day China commemorates the founding of the PRC and has done so every year since 1950. The holiday itself is actually only three days, but somehow the government rearranges […]


Jump outside your comfort zone!! No regrets!!, by Shane McCormack

So, my name is Shane and I am living in Beijing for more than two months now. I come from a small village in Tipperary, Ireland with a population of 150 people, so when I chose to come to Beijing my biggest fear was the population and how I was going to cope. Beijing’s has […]


Ah, She’ll Never Come Home., by Aoife Quigley

These were the words echoed around the restaurant where I used to work. I graduated in 2017 with a BA in Irish and English. I’ll admit, Irish may have been a naïve choice for someone who was told that “she’s only fit for export” since the tender age of 13. I knew as soon as […]


Beijing is a Great Home Base!, by Nicholas Flesch

Nestled in the northeast of China is a quaint little known hamlet called Beijing. It has a charmingly small population of 22 million people. Yet this little destination is quickly growing in popularity, and for good reason: through a fantastically fortunate stroke of luck all railroads lead to Beijing. This fact, in turn, makes this […]


Sports in Beijing!, by Matthew Jones

It is easy to watch or play almost any sport you can think of in Beijing, or indeed any major city in China. Speaking for myself, I have been practicing Krav Maga (read: taking beatings), an Israeli martial art, for over a year now. Taught both in Chinese and English, it also serves as a […]

Teaching English in China is an unforgettable experience if you join the right school who can support and inspire you.
Competative salary and new adventures await you at Aihua English in Beijing.